Employee surveys matter!

Happy staff = productive company

The satisfaction of employees is one key factor for a company's productivity. Unhappy, demotivated employees are not able to complete projects and tasks in accordance with both their own requirements and those of the management. Employees who have trust in the leadership and consider the work environment to be good, who identify with their company and are happy to complete their tasks conscientiously, are more likely to stay with a company and do a good job.

Regular surveys

Taking surveys and polls infrequently (e.g., once a year) is better than getting no idea at all about the atmosphere within the company. However, regular and fully automatically conducted surveys are more effective when it comes to identifying a representative cross-section of the staff, as well as identifying and eliminating the causes of poor performance. This is not only about the general satisfaction and productivity within the team, but also about keeping an eye on each individual employee to guarantee the health of the employees. For productivity and also cost reduction purposes the fluctuation rate must be kept low and factors such as burnout and depression as well as physical limitations must be recognized and prevented. Before management itself speculates on actions, it is much simpler and more sensible to ask the employees themselves.

360° Surveys with BluStoxx

Nowadays, employee surveys on the employee's mood no longer have to be conducted manually in a face-to-face meeting. BluStoxx asks each individual employee about his or her current mood and satisfaction, so that team leaders, HR managers or managing directors always have an overview of the general mood within the team. This enables transparency without putting pressure on the employees. In addition, BluStoxx offers the function 360° Surveys, this way, team leaders and employees understand the extent to which their performance contributes to high productivity and satisfaction, and it becomes clear how management must act in order to achieve the defined goals.

Inspiration: Markus Saul and Andreas Thomas Fütterer described for personalwirtschaft.de what opportunities a regular survey of employees can offer and why tools and feedback systems can make work in the home office more efficient. We want to revolutionize employee communication in order to ensure greater employee satisfaction. This ensures lower fluctuation costs and higher productivity within the company.