5 tips for keeping employees motivated while working from home

Working from home does not only have advantages. More distractions, less management and a lack of communication between colleagues could lead some to productivity suffering. The Covid 19 pandemic worsens this situation, because some cases, children now have to be cared for at home as well and balancing the ongoing stress is almost impossible. We will give you 5 tips so the motivation of your employees or your own motivation is maintained.

1st tip: Lead and listen.

It is more important than ever that managers and leaders now keep track of how their employees and colleagues do in the current situation. One should always lead by good example, acting as an honest and open role model oneself, but also providing guidance whenever leadership becomes important. You should have regular one-on-one meetings with your employees, to get an impression of what makes them anxious. When employees trust their superiors and perceive them for what they are (managers) it is easier for them to relinquish fears and perform the actual work consistently and purposefully.

2nd tip: Team calls as a routine

To get through the challenging time of this pandemic fairly well, it is important to maintain a routine. Routines are otherwise kept up by external circumstances: Before the pandemic, it was common to get up at 7 a.m., leave for work at 9 a.m., go to the first meeting at 10 a.m., have lunch with colleagues at 12 p.m., etc. A routine that forces a certain level of productivity and consistency could be dropped while working from home. What team leaders and managers should do now is, maintain a daily routine through team zoom meetings. For example, two fixed times each day could be used for call sessions, giving each employee the chance to define his or her goals for the day and reflect on the success of these. This way, the supervisor has a constant overview, gets an impression of how the employees are doing and how the project is progressing.

3rd tip: Equipment for the home office

Just as offices are furnished to meet specific requirements, employers shouldprovide their employees with the necessary equipment for their home office. This includes the technical infrastructure, such as notebooks, but also furniture. Equipment is particularly important if employees work exclusively and on a long-term basis in a home office. You can provide employees with work equipment that is currently not needed in the office, hand out vouchers so that employees can equip themselves better, or start a survey to find out what employees need in their home office. With BluStoxx you can send digital vouchers for home office equipment to your employees or set up a survey to ask your employees what they need most.

4th tip: Incentives and acknowledgement

Employers, managers or HR leaders should communicate to employees that they appreciate the achievements and efforts of each employee and act accordingly. Especially in hard times like these, it is important to express your appreciation. You could do this with small gifts you can distribute unconditionally to your employees via the BluStoxx platform. You could also offer the prospect of small or even large bonuses if a project goes well despite difficult circumstances.

5th tip: Shared goals and play

Social contacts - even among colleagues - are rarely as limited as during the Corona pandemic. There is probably nothing more damaging to the team spirit at work than the feeling of loneliness. Therefore, organize regular team events and as long as there is no other way due to contact restrictions, organize online events. There are plenty of opportunities to play games online or you could have your Friday afternoon beer together via Zoom, reflect on the week and formulate goals for the coming week. Often it just takes someone to organize such a get-together on a regular basis. With the BluStoxx Events & Games module, you organize the (digital) get-together without wasting time and effort.